Feel at home!

Enjoy your time!

How about a vacation where you can enjoy the natural beauties and have time for yourself? Horses in the forest, picnics and barbecues, organic fruits, traditional delicacies and more are waiting for you at ATLIBEY.

Horse riding with a perfect view!

With horse riding which is suitable for every age group; will make your stay enjoyable. At the same time, you can explore your individual skills while benefiting from the many physical and psychological benefits of horse riding.

A holiday intertwined with nature

You can start a beautiful day away from the tiring and stressful life of the city, but with a nice breakfast. Traditionally prepared Turkish breakfast is accompanied by fresh air, colorful flowers and birds.

Handmade delicacies

Forget the food you eat every day! Enjoy organic delicacies with a variety of hand-crafted pickles, jams, pancakes and wines.

Enjoying a barbecue with your loved ones

In addition to natural beauties, how about a barbecue with your loved ones? If yes, enjoy unique flavors while having a good time at ATLIBEY.

Savour Your Next Holiday