All about Horses

Feel at home!

Nature-friendly holiday

Horses are sensitive to tone. They can easily distinguish hard tones with an expression of irritability and soft tones with an expression of love. A holiday with such sensitive animals will make you rest.

Say “Hello” to the wonderful day!

With the healing power of horses, you can feel free from stress and all the problems, leave everything aside and enjoy the nature. Thanks to ATLIBEY, which is intertwined with the forest, your holiday will be another beautiful one.

Peaceful World of Animals

If you like an animals, ATLIBEY offers a holiday service for you. Here you can spend   a perfect day by stepping into the peaceful world of animals.

Your little friends are waiting for you

The ATLIBEY appeals to all age groups, allowing the little pony to take small tours and the parents enjoy nature. It will also be the right choice to get away from the stress of the city and spend time with your family.

Savour Your Next Holiday